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Blush wellness

his & hers duo

his & hers duo

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experience the perfect fusion of natural care, confidence, and pleasure with intimate elixr, your passport to intimate wellness. Our all-natural elixr is designed to cater to the diverse needs of your most intimate areas, offering an array of benefits that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and self-assured.

our promise is to provide you with a product free from harsh chemicals, one that's crafted with care to elevate your intimate wellness. It's time to embrace a world of confidence, comfort, and self-love.

unlock the bliss that intimate elixr has to offer – your intimate wellness deserves the very best.



removes razor bumps 

removes scarring 

removes ingrowns

reduces odor fast

soothes after shave or wax

reduces menstrual pain

improves intimate moments

treats dryness or discomfort during intimate moments

assists with getting you to the big O moment

treats uti, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections

no more itching or odor

balances your pH

clears unusual discharge

brightens and lights the intimate area

infection defense

promotes circulation

lubrication boost

quick healing after birth


50ml intimate elixr


d-lay gel for men is all natural with amazing benefits 


perks of using:

reduces sensation

treats p.e

better build up

longer lasting

100% natural

no side effects


directions of use

apply it to the tip or glans of the penis, which is the most sensitive to touch. numbing this area allows you to be less sensitive and last longer.

apply 15 minutes before being intimate and wipe off prior to being intimate to not transfer to your partner


50ml bottle

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