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Blush wellness

the feminine cleanser

the feminine cleanser

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made with ethically sourced natural ingredients to keep you feeling fresh and clean! 

revolutionizing feminine wellness with our prebiotic feminine intimate cleanser. 

you're probably wondering - why can't I just use soap or water to clean my intimate area? well simply because the v itself naturally maintains an acidic pH for the growth of good bacteria that act as a barrier between the external environment and our body. this is basically vaginal flora. using regular soap can disrupt your pH levels thus killing the germs within the vaginal flora ultimately leading to infections, odor or itching. 

let me convince you with some perks:

  • maintain a healthy pH balance
  • support the natural acidity 
  • prevents bacteria build up
  • prevents yeast infections
  • prevents and treats uti's
  • helps prevent ingrown hairs
  • can be used to shave to prevent irritation 
  • lightens the vaginal area - internal and external 
  • can be used during pregnancy 
  • can be used while trying to conceive
  • can be used after birth to promote healing
  • moisturizes
  • treats vaginal dryness
  • increases natural lubrication for intimacy
  • fragrance free
  • sulphate free
  • chemical free
  • paraben free


100ml - 3.4oz

key ingredients: prebiotics, glycerine, tea tree oil, pure aloe, rose

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